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The Superior is a modern letterbox that will look good built-in to any wall or fence. Built to a high standard of specifications, the Superior and its many customisations can be seen complimenting houses throughout the streets of Australia. The Superior is a modern letterbox is designed to be built in, with only the face of the letterbox being visible. 


The letterbox is lockable and will keep your mail secure. When ordering the letterbox, you will be given the option of a key lock or a latch on the back door. The latch lock will allow you to use combination locks, as well as allow you to simply keep the letterbox closed with the latch, whilst the key lock is built into the body of the letterbox. 


The Superior is made in Australia with durable cast aluminium, keeping your mail safe even in the toughest of storms and is available to be powder-coated in a wide range of Colorbond colours. 


Designed to suit most fences, walls, and houses, the Superior is a built-in letterbox will fit in with picket fences,  brick walls, hedges and many more. 


The letterbox comes with a flange to provide easy installation and a seamless finish when built into a wall or fence.


The mail slot is wide enough to allow most mail at the width of a landscape A4 sheet of paper, whilst remaining thin enough to prevent hands from entering the letterbox through the slot. 


To find out more about our stylish customisations, including faceplates, colours and numbering, contact us now.

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